Operator Theory and Analysis



Operator identities in interpolation and spectral theory,

joint papers by J. Rovnyak and L. A. Sakhnovich



Canonical model and linear systems


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Odds and ends


  • J. Rovnyak, An extension problem for the coefficients of Riemann mappings, University of Virginia seminar lecture, November 1991. The topic of the lecture is a theorem of L. de Branges on the Taylor coefficients of a univalent function. The lecture is an exposition of an elegant result that I learned from a book draft that L. de Branges circulated in the 1980s (unpublished); the result is quoted without proof as Theorem 1.2 in J. Rovnyak, Coefficient estimates for Riemann mapping functions, J. Analyse Math. 52 (1989), 53-93. V. I. Vasyunin and N. K. Nikolskii prove the result in pp. 1219-1225 of their paper, Operator-valued measures and coefficients of univalent functions, St. Petersburg Math. J. 3 (1992), pp. 1199-1270; statements by these authors on pp. 1203, 1219 cast doubt on the completeness of the original proof of de Branges. I believe the original proof of de Branges is complete and correct, and my lecture fleshes out the details.
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