Recent Conferences

Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA)

April 2023

Adolescent Close Friendship Struggles as Predictors of Developing Depressive Symptoms in Adulthood

Joseph P. Allen, Meghan A. Costello, Gabrielle Hunt, Corey Pettit, & Jessica A. Stern

Empathy Across 3 Generations

Jessica A. Stern

Epigenetic Regulation of the Oxytocin System as an Indicator of Adaptation to Overcontrolling Parenting and Psychosocial Functioning in Adulthood

Amanda F. Hellwig, Kelly L. Wroblewski, Kathleen M. Krol, Jessica J. Connelly, & Joseph P. Allen

“How Connected Do You Feel to Your Group?”: An Incremental Improvement Approach to a Group-Based Social-Belongingness Intervention for College Students

Alison G. Nagel, Olivia A. Hazelwood, Meghan A. Costello, Gabrielle Hunt, Corey Pettit, Ariana Rivens, & Joseph P. Allen

How Teens Balance Conflict with Fathers and Peers: A Within-Person Examination Using RI-CLPM

Natasha A. Bailey, Meghan A. Costello, Jessica A. Stern, Alida A. Davis, & Joseph P. Allen

“It is OK to talk my partner into having sex”: Links between adolescent sexually coercive attitudes, attachment insecurity, and adult relationship functioning

Corey Pettit, Jessica A. Stern, & Joseph P. Allen

Sharing and Caring: Development of Self-Disclosure Between Teens and Best Friends in Adolescence

Meghan A. Costello, Corey Pettit, Gabrielle Hunt, Alison G. Nagel, Ariana Rivens, Olivia A. Hazelwood, & Joseph P. Allen

Socially Volatile Teens Become Affectively Volatile Adults: Adolescent Predictors of Long-Term Depression Variability

Amanda F. Hellwig & Joseph P. Allen

The Power of Friendship: How Adolescent Friendship Quality Predicts Relative Power in Adult Romantic Relationships

Margaret V. Brehm, Meghan A. Costello, & Joseph P. Allen


Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)

March 2023

Autonomy and Relatedness Inhibition as a Predictor of Future Interpersonal Difficulties and Anxiety

Abigail R. Carlson & David E. Szwedo 

James Madison University

Adverse Childhood Experiences as a Predictor of Love Language Preferences

Saleena V. Wilson, Molly Hilts, David E. Szwedo, and Joseph P. Allen

James Madison University and University of Virginia

Parental Qualities vs. Behaviors as Predictors of Young Adult Emotion Regulation

Saleena V. Wilson, David E. Szwedo, and Joseph P. Allen

James Madison University and University of Virginia