Year Title Source
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2021 Teens with Strong Family Relationships Display Greater Empathy for Friends Theravive
2021 Opinion: Teen Dating isn't Best Practice for Adults Relationships
2021 Teens With Secure Family Relationships 'Pay It Forward' With Empathy for Friends The Conversation
2021 Teens With Secure Family Relationships 'Pay It Forward' With Empathy for Friends UVA Today
2020 The Toll That Isolation Takes on Kids During the Coronavirus Era The Wall Street Journal
2020 Students Don't Have It All Figured Out, and That's OK. This Program is Here to Help UVA Today
2020 Teen 'Besties' See Better Grades in High School and Academic Attainment Later in Life UVA Today
2020 Smells Like Teen Spirit: Why Certain Music Carries Us Back to High School UVA Today
2020 Teens With Controlling Parents Struggle To Build Strong Relationships and Succeed in Education Insider
2020 New Research Fund Will Support Faculty Research Benefits Students, Community UVA Today
2020 12 Mental Health and Wellness Resources Students, Faculty, and Staff Should Know About UVA Today
2020 Teenagers Whose Parents Are Too Strict Struggle With Relationships As Adults, Study Shows Tyla
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2020 Teens Who Say Their Parents Are Overcontrolling Struggle With Relationships, Educational Goals as Adults Medical Press
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2020 Teens with Overbearing Parents Lack Self-Esteem in Adulthood
2020 Attempts by Parents to Psychologically Control Teens Could Bring Difficulties in Social Relationships in Future Edex Live
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2020 Teenager Whose Parents Are Too Strict with Them Struggle with Relationships and Educational Attainment Later in Life, Study Finds Daily Mail
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2020 Your Clicks Pick 2019’s Top UVA Today Stories UVA Today
2019 Teens’ Same-Gender Friendships Key to Later Satisfaction in Romantic Relationships Science Daily
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