Prospective Students


We are currently fully staffed for the Fall 2023 semester and will not be taking new research assistants at this time. When hiring begins, it will be posted in the UVA Psychology Majors/Minors email listserv and this page will be updated!

Research assistants who work during the academic year are able to earn 2-3 credit hours for 80-120 hours of lab work during the semester (approximately 6 or 10 hours/week). Tasks include conducting interviews with participants, data entry and checking, transcribing, and other administrative tasks. Research assistants receive ample training in the computer programs and the protocols used in the lab. Students who work on the project for multiple semesters have the opportunity to take on higher-level responsibilities (such as coding data, scheduling participants, and writing a distinguished major thesis), and are able to apply for paid positions. Part-time, paid positions are also available for the summer and entail the same responsibilities as during the academic school year.

You must be a UVA student to be eligible for a Research Assistant position. We give preference to Psychology majors with a GPA greater than a 3.0, to those with experience, and to those who can commit to the lab for more than one semester.

Thanks for your interest! 

Margaret & Lauren


Professor Allen is not taking graduate students for Fall 2024.

Please feel free to review our laboratory's current research and those of others in the department to be sure that you think the University of Virginia is a good fit for your interests. For more information specific to the graduate program in Clinical Psychology, please visit the department website