REUs Archive: 2018

2018 Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Emory University

Number Theory

Dates: June 4 - July 13, 2018.

Math Building, Rooms E406 and E408


Basic Information

Ken Ono has been organizing REU programs since 2003 (formerly at U. Wisconsin (Madison) from 2003-2009). He has advised over 100 students including 6 Morgan Prize Winners and 5 Schafer Prize winners. The REU alums have won numerous other honors including Marshall Scholarships, NSF Graduate Fellowships (over 30), etc... 

We are organizing a summer Research Experience in Mathematics for the summer of 2018 on the beautiful campus of Emory University (adjacent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)). We seek to fill 10-14 openings in the REU. Most of the participants will be US citizens or permanent residents who are presently enrolled in a US undergraduate institution or high school. We have offered openings to high school students who are adequately prepared for the program. NSF supported participants will receive a $5000 stipend and also free accomodations.

2018 Project areas

  • Analytic Study of High Performance Swimming
  • Elliptic curves and Galois representations
  • Mock modular and quantum modular forms
  • Additive Number Theory
  • Distribution of Primes
  • Moonshine

2018 Participants

  • Ryan Chen (2018 Goldwater Scholar, 2019 Churchill Fellow )
  • Katherine Gallagher (2018 Goldwater Scholar, 2019 Marshall Fellow)
  • Nate Gillman (2019 Goldwater Scholar)
  • Xavier Gonzalez (special participant, 2018 Rhodes Scholar))
  • Lucia Li
  • Samuel Marks
  • Sven Mehisovic
  • Fiona Muir
  • Matthew Schoenbauer (2018 Goldwater Scholar)
  • Naomi Sweeting (2018 Goldwater Scholar, 2019 Schafer Prize Winner)
  • Matthew Tyler
  • Katja Vassilev
  • Katy Woo (2019 Goldwater Scholar, 2020 Schafer Prize Runner up)

Their results