REUs Archive: 2009

Research Experiences for Undergraduates at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Number Theory: Continued fractions, probability, modular forms, elliptic curves and L-functions


  • Jeremy Booher (Harvard University): 2010 Herschel Smith Fellow (Cambridge).
  • George Boxer (Princeton University): 2010 Churchill Fellow (Cambridge).
  • Peter Diao (Princeton University)
  • Anastassia Etropolski (Bard College)
  • Amanda Hittson (Bryn Mawr College)
  • Rachel Kirsch (University of Maryland)
  • Elise McCall (MIT)
  • Alex Perry (Columbia University)

Special Participants

  • Adam Goldberg (Home school, Berkeley, California)
  • Edward Hou (High school student in Appleton, Wisconsin)
  • Tony Feng (Phillips Andover, Massachusetts)

Their results