REUs Archive: 2008

Research Experiences for Undergraduates at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Number Theory: Modular forms and Number Theory


  • Emily Clader (Columbia University): 2009 Columbia Valedictorian!
  • Dan Collins (Cornell University)
  • Yvonne Kemper (UC Berkeley)
  • Daniel Le (Stanford University): Fulbright Scholar, and NSF Graduate Fellow
  • Shelly Manber (MIT)
  • Shrenik Shah (Harvard University): 2008 Mumford Prize (Harvard), and 2008 Hoopes Senior Thesis Prize (Harvard), NSF Graduate Fellowship
  • Ameya Velingker (Harvard University)

Special Participants

  • Matt Wage (Appleton High School, 2008 Intel Science Talent Search Finalist)
  • Sally Wolfe (Memorial High School/UW Madison Special Student)
  • Maria Monks (MIT, short term visitor from Joe Gallian's REU): 2009 Alice T. Schafer Prize Winner, 2010 Morgan Prize runner-up, 2011 Morgan Prize Winner

Their results