Krystal Doh

2019 Summer Research Assistant

Krystal, a rising third year student, is interested in a variety of topics such as international relations, women and gender studies, and economics. These, as well as her dedication to live by a code...

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Ryan Doherty

2019 Summer Research Assistant

At Charlottesville High School, Ryan has taken various classes in history and photography which are amongst his favorite subjects. He is passionate about honing the skills he has developed while...

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Imani Edwards

2019 Summer Research Assistant

As a rising second year at UVA, Imani has experience engaging in critical discussions on race, history, and global issues by pursuing classes ranging from Global Cultural Studies to African American...

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Cameron Goodman

2019 Research Assistant

Cameron is a student grounded in historical principles and thought. He is currently a rising fourth year student at UVA majoring in African-American and African studies. Power in the Body by George...

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Joshua Gravely

2019 Summer Research Assistant

Josh is a rising fourth year studying African & African American Studies and Anthropology. He is a firm believer in the philosophy that one cannot understand where they are going if they do not know...

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Blake Hesson

2019 Summer Research Assistant

Blake’s passion for positivity and empathy in addition to the thought-provoking question, ‘What’s something you did today that affects tomorrow?’ all serve as a daily source of motivation to inspire...

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Laila Hurd

2019 & 2018 Summer Research Assistant

Laila, a student at St. Anne’s Belfield and a returning intern at the Woodson Institute, is deeply invested in acknowledging all triumphs, tragedies, policies and social norms throughout history as...

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Tarin Jones

2019 Summer Research Assistant

As a rising fourth year student in the architecture school, Tarin’s interests lie in the intersection of cultural analysis and spatial-temporal studies. His interdisciplinary background with...

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Ineke LaFleur

2019 Summer Research Assistant

Growing up in Charlottesville, Ineke came to realize how often African American history was and is overlooked by the people, institutions, and systems that seize control of the narrative. The...

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