Blake Hesson

2019 Summer Research Assistant

Blake’s passion for positivity and empathy in addition to the thought-provoking question, ‘What’s something you did today that affects tomorrow?’ all serve as a daily source of motivation to inspire the potential for change. As a double major in Global Development Studies and French with an Urban and Environmental Planning minor, Blake’s interests span a wide interdisciplinary scope. After taking the class, Whiteness and White Supremacy, Blake became more familiar with the extent of the history of white supremacy and black resiliency in Charlottesville. Rather than being a student that by circumstance also lived in the city of Charlottesville, Blake wanted to become an active and involved member of the community. Some of the impressive work they have worked on include a research project with Charlottesville residents to design a new landmark for Vinegar Hill and a map of LGBTQ activism at UVA. Blake will be completing research at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities for the Virginia African American historic sites database.

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