Cameron Goodman

2019 Research Assistant

Cameron is a student grounded in historical principles and thought. He is currently a rising fourth year student at UVA majoring in African-American and African studies. Power in the Body by George Mentore was one of his favorite classes. Although he is unsure of where his career will take him he is looking into doing a Ph.D. He wants to find ways to live with intention and without regret. His passion for connecting with people and building well-meaning relationships is something that energizes him. If he could relive a time in history he would love to live in 3000 BC India or China to see what kind of progress humanity has really undergone. The type of thinking Cameron embraces is one that makes inquiries into rich history and strives to connect with people. Cameron will spend the summer at Monticello with the Getting Word: African American Families of Monticello oral history project.

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