Dr. Joseph P. Allen

Hugh P. Kelly Professor of Psychology

Joseph P. Allen
Dr. Joseph Allen is a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia and a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in working with adolescents. Joe has served as the Principal Investigator of the Kliff-Vida Project since its inception in 1998. He earned his B.A. in Psychology at the University of Virginia and his Ph.D. in Clinical/Community Psychology from Yale University. He worked in a Post-Doctoral Research Position at Harvard Medical school before returning to his Undergraduate alma mater as a professor, where he teaches classes at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Joe has published over 100 articles in journals such as Developmental Psychology, Child Development, and Journal of Abnormal Psychology. He has received numerous grants and awards and is known for inspiring students at all levels with the passion and care that he shows for his work and his colleagues.


Research Interests:

  • Development of peer incluence and peer pressure in adolescence
  • Intervention research to alter the quality of interactions taking place within secondary school classrooms
  • Development of autonomy & relatedness in adolescent and young adult social interactions (with parents, peers, and romantic partners)
  • Adolescent attachment organization
  • Interventions that capitalize on the positive potential of teen-peer relationships
  • Long term effects of adolescent social relationships on physical, mental, and social health

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Contact Information

1023 Millmont Street
Office 118
p: (434) 982-4727


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