Gabe and Sean's paper is published in Nanoscale

Gabe Halford and Sean McDarby's co-authored paper, "Troubleshooting the Influence of Trace Chemical Impurities on Nanoparticle Growth Kinetics via Electrochemical Measurements," has been published in Nanoscale as part of the 2024 Emerging Investigators special collection

The paper reports multiple exciting advances including: (1) the development of an approach for using in situ electroanalytical measurements to benchmark and troubleshoot colloidal nanoparticle syntheses, (2) the use of acetone and other solvents as shape-controlling agents in aqueous syntheses of Pd nanoparticles, and (3) a synthesis of monometallic Pd tetrahexahedra. Congratulations, Gabe and Sean, as well as many other contributing co-authors!