Emily Mellen

[Draft Bio]

Emily joined the PhD program in Critical and Comparative Studies (CCS) in Fall 2017. Her research interests include music and sound in the Arab world, music & politics, music & altered states of consciousness, ethnography, timbre, voice studies, women in music, and global pop.

Emily received a B.A. (summa cum laude with college and departmental honors) in Music History with a minor in Arabic and Islamic Studies from UCLA in 2016. Her B.A. thesis, entitled Voicing Arab Nationalism: Interpreting Singers Fairuz and Umm Kulthum, was awarded the Friends of Musicology “Best Undergraduate Senior Thesis” prize. While at UCLA, she served on the School of Music student council and the LA Opera college advisory committee and played in the Near East, Balkan, and Balinese ensembles.

In her free time, Emily enjoys singing, hiking, reading fiction, practicing yoga, travelling, and playing with her son.