Journal Club (Fall 2019), Week 1

We are reading two papers:

1. Mohammed, G.H., Colombo, R., Middleton, E.M., Rascher, U., van der Tol, C., Nedbal, L., Goulas, Y., Pérez-Priego, O., Damm, A., Meroni, M. and Joiner, J., 2019. Remote sensing of solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) in vegetation: 50 years of progress. Remote Sensing of Environment231, p.111-177.

This paper is one of the most comprehensive reviews on SIF (among other two, by Meroni et al., 2009 and Porcar-Castell et al., 2014). I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to learn the basics and status of SIF-related research.

2. Stovall, A., Shugart, H., Yang, X. 2019. Tree height increases mortality risk during extreme drought. Nature Communications.

This work is from our lab -- Atticus' first paper as a postdoc in our PERS lab. We found that tall trees are more susceptible to extreme drought -- tree height is the major variable that explains tree mortality.