What we've been reading!

10/21/2019 - Koong presents

  • We read and discussed a paper of mechaism of tree mortality by McDowell et al. (2008). Very useful paper to learn a modern view of plant physiological response to...
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Journal Club (Fall 2019), Week 2

Koong shared his recent work of canopy temperature study that uses thermal infrared camera and sap flux measurement.

Journal Club (Fall 2019), Week 1

We are reading two papers:

1. Mohammed, G.H., Colombo, R., Middleton, E.M., Rascher, U., van der Tol, C., Nedbal, L., Goulas, Y., Pérez-Priego, O., Damm, A., Meroni, M. and Joiner, J., 2019...

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