Guidelines and Forms

Prior to initiating independent research or independent study projects for the thesis requirement of the Human Biology DMP, students will be required to select two mentors and define a project. One mentor will be primarily responsible for the day-to-day progress of the project, the other mentor will provide aid as needed. Additionally, one mentor must be in the sciences and one must be outside of the sciences. Members of the Human Biology advisory committee may serve as mentors. All mentors must be tenure-track or tenured professors at the University of Virginia. Students should begin the process of defining a question and finding mentors ideally in the 2nd semester 3rd year and must submit the Thesis Declaration form no later than the start of the 4th year 1st semester.

The Thesis Declaration Form can be obtained by clicking here. You should write your thesis proposal out and have it ready to discuss with your proposed mentors prior to formally obtaining their signatures on the form. Copies of completed forms and proposals should be given to each mentor and to the Director of the Human Biology program. Declarations will then be reviewed and approved by the Director of the Human Biology program and students will be enrolled in the appropriate research course.

     To obtain further guidelines, instructions, and restrictions governing the Human Biology research project and to obtain guidelines for design and formatting the 4th year thesis, please select from the links below. You should read both of these documents in their entirety prior to writing your proposal and refer to them as needed throughout the 4th year.

Guidelines for Laboratory Research and Independent Study Projects

Guidelines for Writing and Submitting the 4th Year Thesis