The Human Biology major is comprised of outstanding, creative, independent, and enthusiastic students with diverse backgrounds in biology, the social sciences and the humanities who wish to pursue an intellectually challenging and genuinely interdisciplinary program. Students must be self-motivated, self-starting and self-disciplined in order to sustain themselves through the thesis project. During their fourth year, students will participate in a yearlong capstone and thesis writing experience. These small enrollment courses will facilitate interactions among students and faculty representing diverse interests and areas of expertise and rely heavily upon student involvement and participation.

     Approximately 15-20 students will be admitted into the program during the spring semester of their second year. Transfer students will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Students are chosen based on their academic record; a statement describing the student's purpose and goals in pursuing this major and how it will prepare them for their immediate post-graduation academic or career plans; and a faculty recommendation.

     This is a Distinguished Majors Program. All applicants should have attained a 3.40 or higher cumulative grade point average. Once admitted to the major, students are also required to maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.40, and a 3.40 in courses designated as major courses. Students seeking admission to the program with a GPA of less than 3.40 should speak with the program director regarding their admission packets. Students who fall below a 3.40 at the end of the 4th year (either overall or in the major) will not be eligible for distinction, though they will receive a degree for the program.

     The application process is competitive. Grades, letters of support and the essay will all be considered in the application process. Please review the notes in the next section regarding these materials to ensure your application is complete and put forward in the best manner possible. Students should apply for admission during the spring semester of their second year. Transfer students should submit materials prior to the beginning of the fall semester, 3rd year, if at all possible. In all cases, interested transfer students must contact the program director prior to the final add date for fall semester to be considered for entrance into the program.

     For more information or to ask questions regarding the program or its admissions process, please contact either Dr. Michael P. Timko by phone at (434)982-5817or via e-mail at