Class of 2020 Thesis Projects

Krithika Reddy Arrabothu

The Function-Structure Relationships of Human Myometrium in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Patients

Charlotte Hancock Campbell

The Effect that Taxes on Calorically Dense Beverages Have on Obesity Rates by Zip Code in Berkeley, California

Alexis Marie Catalano

Successfully Capturing Eosinophils in Gut Tissue through Machine Learning

Joyce Mckenzie Cheng

Qualitative Investigations of Healthcare and Life Experiences of Aging Homebound Patients in the United States and China

Mariam O. Gbadamosi

Assessing the Impact of a Community-Based Women’s Reproductive Health Education Program on Cervical Cancer Knowledge and Screening for Indigenous Women in Guatemala

Brett Alexander Goerl

Pre-clinical Investigation of Non-psychoactive Compounds in Cannabis sativa for the Treatment of Epileptic Seizures

Cassandra Mia Grello

Aberrant Levels of Transcribed Ultra Conserved Elements and Other Long Non-Coding RNAs in Glioblastoma

Alyson Cheryl Lee

On Being Ill: A Systematic Exploration of the Impact of Writing and Narrative on Patient Care

Chelsea Eileen Li

Dissection of Hindbrain Post-Inspiratory Complex Anatomy, Connectivity, and Function in the Breathing Cycle

Belle Sinclair Pace

Novel vs. Familiar Environment in Developing Mice: The Hippocampal Memory Trace in Neonatal (HIE) Injury

Jessi Katelyn Rowell

Health System Mergers & the Impact on Physicians

Colleen Marie Schinderle

Role of Pannexin 1 Channels in Acute Kidney Injury

Kartik Jatin Shah

The Effect of Ceramide and Therapy Drugs on STAT3 Upstream Regulation Pathways

Mira Sridharan

Elucidating BCAR3 Signaling Networks Involved in Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Claire Szipszky

Person-Centered Care for the Global Tuberculosis Epidemic: Identifying Vulnerable Populations and Delivering Individualized Treatment Choice through the Development of a Urine Based Assay with Mobile Phone Read-Out

Panjapon Tangtrongsittkul

The Role of Id3 Gene on TRAF6-Induced NF-kB Activation and Effect of TRAF6 Inhibitor on B cells

Mariella Fairchild Toro

Clinical Features, Biological Markers, and Treatment Outcomes Within the Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia Registry at the University of Virginia

Mythili Vigneshwar

IL-1β-Induced Inflammatory Signaling in Cardiovascular Disease

Ashley Meilin Williams

Characterizing Markers of Injury, Effect of Immune Modulation, and Behavior in a Mouse Model of Acute Cerebral Ischemia