Class of 2023 Thesis Projects


Julia Nicole Ball

One TET2 Germline Mutation’s Effect on the Whole System: A Precision Medicine Initiative

Bertha Chou

The Contribution of Cycling Cardiomyocytes to Cardiac Function During Pressure-Induced Hypertrophy

Kamryn M. Crowder

The Role of Doulas in Mitigating Maternal Morality in the African American Community

Lindsey Sophia Fields

A Mixed Methods Study Evaluating the Effects of COVID-19 on the Highest Users of the UVA Medical Center Emergency Department

Bezawit Abel Gashe

Regulation of Microglial Cathepsin S Secretion by the Mevalonate Pathway

Grant James GianGrasso

The Role of PKCa in Cryptosporidium parvum Pathogenesis

Aditya Gude

Categorizing Various Microglial Morphologies after SE

Megan Reilly Hack

The Effect of Acute Exercise on Sleep Quality and Duration: The Impact of Body Composition

Jessica Sanjay Harris

Improving the Informed Consent Process: A MultiModal Youth-Driven Approach

Ethan William Jakum
Sugar Sweetened Beverage Intake and Racial Disparities in Risk of Colon Neoplasia

Priya Katyal
Identifying Features of Immune Activity and Modulation in TLS of Desmoplastic and Non-Desmoplastic Melanomas

Lisa Mayevsky
Stressors and Challenges Facing People with HIV Enrolled in Tailored Mobile Health Programs

Brooklyn Danielle McGrew
Identifying Metabolic Alterations in Crohn’s Disease Using Metabolic Modeling and Machine Learning Techniques

Haleigh Ann McLean
Exploring Cytokines in COVID-19: A Meta-Analysis Across Organ Systems

Nabeel Ali Raza
An exploration of testis specific chimeric RNAs

Peyton Alexa Rieger
Development and Genetics of the Chagall Mutant Phenotype in Danio rerio

Catherine Zi-Ying Shen
Lifelong Learning: Similarities and Differences between Adolescents and Adults

Maggie Anne Sobel
The Effect of Soy Infant Formula on Gastrointestinal Intolerance (fussiness, discomfort, stool consistency) for Infants with Known Cow Milk Intolerance/Cow Milk Allergy

Rujula Nitin Upasani
Analysis of the Tibialis Anterior and Masseter Fiber Properties and Growth with Hydrogel

Raaga Unmesha Vullikanti

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy in Pregnant People: A Mixed Method Approach