I primarily teach courses in the history of modern political thought and the American political tradition. Current courses at UVA include:

Spring 2023

American Political Economy (PLAP 3400)

Fall 2022

Representative Democracy and its Critics (PLPT 4500)

Summer 2022

The American Political Tradition (DEM 5500), an intensive summer seminar for Virginia social studies teachers

Spring 2022, Fall 2021

American Political Tradition (PLAP 2250)

At the University of Chicago, I was a lecturer in the Classics of Social and Political Thought sequence and received a Nef fellowship to teach a seminar on the Scottish Enlightenment and the division of labor.

As a preceptor in UChicago’s Democracy Initiative, I helped pilot several student writing programs, designed to place the University’s Core Curriculum in the Social Sciences in conversation with contemporary debates. I also worked with UChicago’s Metcalf internship program to co-supervise undergraduate interns at Tocqueville21, the public-facing site for The Tocqueville Review. You can find some of their blog posts and scholarly interviews collected here