I’m a political theorist at the University of Virginia, where I serve as associate director of the Program on Constitutionalism and Democracy and teach as an assistant professor of politics in the general faculty. My research focuses on the history of modern political thought and the Scottish Enlightenment. In brief, I study how eighteenth-century debates over globalization continue to shape our views of liberty, political economy, and the nation-state. I also teach courses in American political thought and maintain interests in early modern republicanism, theories of representative government, and politics and literature.   

My work has appeared or is forthcoming in the American Political Science Review, Political Studies, the History of European Ideas, Political Theory (online archive), The History of Political Thought, History: The Journal of the Historical Association, and several edited volumes. A CV is available here.

In addition to editing the book reviews for American Political Thought, I enjoy writing for the broader public and have contributed essays and reviews to outlets such as The Chronicle of Higher Education, The LA Review of BooksThe Point, and The Hedgehog Review. During graduate school, I co-edited Tocqueville21, the blog for the Tocqueville Review / La Revue Tocqueville.