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Click Here for a short homepage for Rita Dove provided by the literary magazine Ploughshares. 

Click Here for a short homepage for her husband Fred Viebahn provided by Ploughshares.

Click Here for Fred Viebahn's official Home Page.

Click Here for a newspaper article about Rita Dove's parents.

Click Here for an interview with Rita Dove in the  Bellingham Review, Fall 2006.

Click Here for an exceptional article about the creative process, by Walt Harrington, "The Shape of Her Dreaming — Rita Dove Writes a Poem". © 1995 by The Washington Post.

Click Here for Rita Dove's page on The Poetry Archive, which has recordings and text of several poems and a comprehensive bibliography. 

Click Here for a review of several of Rita Dove's books of poetry in Valparaiso Poetry Review.

Click Here for an excellent article from "Women in the Arts" magazine, spring 1999.

Click Here for a good site with photographs at The American Academy of Achievement.

Click Here for the  1996 Heinz Award.

Click Here for Modern American Poetry Interview.

Click Here for Voices from the Gap article.

Click Here for Ohioana Authors web pages.


Major Scholarly Book Publications about Rita Dove's Work

-- Therese Steffen, Crossing Color — Transcultural Space and Place in Rita Dove's Poetry, Fiction, and Drama. Oxford University Press, 2001.

-- Malin Pereira, Rita Dove's Cosmopolitanism. University of Illinois Press, 2003.

-- Earl G. Ingersoll, Conversations with Rita Dove. University Press of Mississippi, 2003.

-- Pat Righelato, Understanding Rita Dove. University of South Carolina Press, July 2006.