The UVa Department of Mathematics is organizing a summer research experience for students interested in Number Theory, Representation Theory and Topology in 2022. We seek a diverse group of approximately 20-24 participants selected from a nationwide search.  We expect to select approximately half the participants from the mid-Atlantic region, and particularly encourage applications from all colleges and universities in Virginia and neighboring states.  Most of the participants will be US citizens or permanent residents who are presently enrolled in a US undergraduate institution or high school. In the past, we have offered openings to high school students who are adequately prepared for the program. All supported participants will receive a $5250 stipend. At present we are planning an in-person program (otherwise, the program will be virtual as in 2020 and 2021). Participants will receive free accommodations in on-grounds furnished apartments (Bice Hall). 

The program will consist of research mentorship, mini-courses, a weekly colloquium series, and professional development activities. Research projects shall be offered in the following fields:

· Number Theory and Representation Theory

· Geometry and Topology


Participants will work in small groups on level-appropriate research projects. The projects shall range from entry level undergraduate research through beginning graduate level work. This program is possible thanks to generous funding from the NSF (notably an NSF REU grant and the UVa NSF Research Training Grant (RTG) in Geometry and Topology), the NSA, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Templeton World Charity Foundation, and private donors.

Selection for the program will be based on mathematical enthusiasm and potential as demonstrated in the applicant’s personal statement and letters of recommendation, along with mathematical ability as reflected in the academic transcript, letters of recommendation, and any prior research experience. Additional factors such as access to prior academic opportunity, geographic proximity to UVa, and membership in a group underrepresented in mathematics will also be considered.

Management Team. The program will be managed by UVa mathematics professors Thomas Koberda, Nick Kuhn, and Ken Ono.