2022 Results

Number Theory Papers

  1. Quanlin Chen, Eric Shen, and Jesse Thorner, On effective Sato-Tate distributions for surfaces arising from products of elliptic curves, in preparation.
  2. Catherine Cossaboom and Sharon Zhou, Hecke nilpotency for modular form mod 2 and an application to partition numbers, submitted for publication.
  3. Sanjana Das, Asymptotic properties of maximal p-core p'-partitions, J. Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 193 Volume 193, (2023), 105685.
  4. Sanjana Das, Hana Lang, Hamilton Wan, and Nancy Xu, The distribution of k-free effective divisors and the summatory totient function in function fields, submitted for publication.
  5. Sanjana Das, Hana Lang, Hamilton Wan, and Nancy Xu,The distribution of error terms of smoothed summatory totient functions, submitted for publication.
  6. Hana Lang, Hamilton Wan, and Nancy Xu, Distributions of hook lengths divisible by 2 or 3, submitted for publication.
  7. Henry Glunz, Significant digits of primes in subsets, submitted for publication.
  8. Annemily Hoganson and Thomas Jaklitsch, On certain McKay numbers for symmetric groups, submitted for publication.
  9. Daniel Hu, Hari Iyer and Shasha Shashkov, Modular forms and an explicit Chebotarev variant of the Brun-Titchmarsh theorem, submitted for publication.
  10. Faye Jackson and Misheel Otgonbayar, Biases among congruence classes for parts in k-regular partitions, submitted for publication.
  11. Faye Jackson and Misheel Otgonbayar,Unexpected biases between congruence classes for parts in k-indivisible partitions, submitted for publication.


Topology Papers


  1. Lindsay Marjanski, Eden Solon, Frank Zheng, and Kathleen Zopff, Geodesic growth of numbered graph products submitted for publication.