2020 Results

  1. M. Amir and L. Hong, On L-functions of modular elliptic curves and certain K3 surfaces, Ramanujan Journal, recommended for publication.
  2. T. Blum, C.  Choi, A. Hoey,  J. Iskander, K. Lakein, and T. Martinez, On class numbers, torsion subgroups, and quadratic twists of elliptic curves, submitted for publication.
  3. S. Dembner and V. Jain, Hyperelliptic curves and newform coefficients, submitted for publication.
  4. S. Dembner and V. Jain, A note on congruences for weakly holomorphic modular forms, submitted for publication.
  5. M. Hanada and R. Madhukara, Fourier coefficients of level 1 Hecke eigenforms, submitted for publication.
  6. L. Hong and S. Zhang, Towards Heim and Neuhauser's unimodality conjecture on the Nekrasov-Okounkov polynomials, coming soon.
  7. T. Khale, C. O'Kuhn, A. Panidapu, A. Sun, and. S. Zhang, A Bombieri-Vinogradov Theorem for primes in short intervals and small sectors, coming soon.
  8. A. Panidapu and J. Thorner, The CM Sato-Tate distribution in short intervals, coming soon.