Nick KuhnAbout Me:   I studied mathematics as an undergraduate at Princeton University. I began graduate studies at the University of Chicago in 1976, and in 1980 received my Ph.D. under the tutelage of algebraic topologist J. Peter May, writing a thesis on various aspects of iterated loopspace theory.

My early career took me to the University of Washington (1980-1982), and then to Princeton University (1982-1986). In 1986, I joined the University of Virginia as an associate professor, and became a professor in 1991.   I am a 2018 Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

Visiting positions have included a position at Northwestern University as the 1982-83 American Mathematical Society Postdoctoral Fellow, a visiting professorship at Cambridge University in 1986-87 as a Sloan Foundation Fellow and again in spring 2006, an appointment to the Mathematical Science Research Institute in Berkeley during fall 1989 and again in spring 2014, an appointment to the Centre National de la Researche Scientifique during a 1994-95 visit to the University of Paris 13, and visiting professorships at the University of Sheffield in spring 2017, and Utrecht University in spring 2023.

I have greatly enjoyed the international flavor of the mathematical community, and have had the opportunity to give talks in Canada, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia, Tunisia, China, Japan, and Vietnam.

A strong personal connection to the world of mathematics has roots in my family history: my father, Harold Kuhn, and my uncle, Leon Henkin, were well known mathematicians, and I have many early childhood memories of Princeton's 'old' Fine Hall. I have been interested in algebraic topology since my undergraduate days, and have enjoyed the many dramatic new developments in this subject since 1980.