Number Theory and Representation Theory (June 6 - July 15, 2022)


  • Arithmetic functions over function fields
  • Arithmetic statistics
  • Modular forms
  • Partitions
  • Sato-Tate distributions for K3 surfaces

Number Theory Colloquia Speakers (Thursdays at 3pm)

  • June 9th: Bjorn Poonen (MIT)
    "Ranks of elliptic curves
  • June 14th: Robert Schneider (Michigan Tech)
    "Making music with logarithms."
  • June 16th: James Maynard (Oxford) 
    "Patterns in the primes"
  • June 23rd: Lillian Pierce (Duke) 
  • June 30th: Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston U) 
    "Mordell's conjecture and the last 100 years."
  • July 7th: Ken Ribet (UC Berkeley) 
    "A meandering history of Fermat's Last Theorem for UVA REU students"
  • July 12th at 2:00pm: Jacob Tsimerman (U Toronto)
    "The Ax-Grothendieck Theorem"
  • July 12th at 3:15pm: Robert Schneider (Michigan Tech)
    "Multiplicative theory of integer partitions"
  • July 14th: 2:00pm Toni Bluher (NSA) 
    “Difference sets, Galois theory, and an accidental isomorphism
  • July 14th: 3:00pm Amanda Folsom (Amherst) 
    "Quantum Jacobi forms and applications in number theory, topology, and mathematical physics"

Mini-Courses (1:00pm-2:00pm)

  • June 13, 15, 17: Prof. Valia Gazaki "Abelian Varieties"
  • June 20, 22, 24: Prof. You Qi "Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group"
  • June 27, 29, July 1: Prof. Charlotte Ure "Beyond the Mordell-Weil Theorem"


Topology (June 6 - July 29, 2022)



  • To be determined.

Topology Colloquia

  • June 21 and 23: Inna Zakharevich (Cornell) (remote)
  • July 13: Diana Hubbard (Brooklyn College) (remote)
  • Sang-hyun Kim (Korea Institute for Advanced Studies) (remote)

Mini Courses

  • Walker Stern: "A crash course on categories"
  • Mark Pengitore: "Topological and geometric models of groups" 
  • William Balderrama: "Simplicial complexes and simplicial homology" 

Professional development/social activities

  • Latex Course
  • Graduate School and Job panel
  • Diversity panel