Myelin bulb
Ultrastructural Neuropathology in Alzheimer's Models
A myelin bulb in the cortical white matter of 9 months old 3xTg mouse.
Synaptic Circuitry in Gustatory Thalamus
A synaptic triad in the taste thalamus (VPMP) of the Tree Shrew.
Selectivity of Axonal Inputs on Dendrite Segments in the Visual Thalamus
3D reconstructions from electron microscope image stacks
A tree shrew, enjoying its food
Taste Pathways and Behavior in the Tree Shrew (Tupaia Belangeri)
The closest relative of the primates, the tree shrew is a versatile animal model to study sensory systems.
Gilmer Hall Fig Trees are on the background -- they will be no more soon.
Oxytocinergic Pathways in the Prairie Vole Brain
Erisir Lab 2023
A group of lab members at CVCSN 2023

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