Current Projects

Ultrastructural Neuropathology 

CA3 Mossy Terminal Damage in Triple Transgenic Mouse Model for Alzheimer's Disease.  (Lead: Hairston)

Synaptic Circuitry in Sensory Pathways

Characterization of Terminals from Superior Collicular Axons in the Tree Shrew LGN. (Lead: Sciaccotta)

Selectivity of Synaptic Inputs onto Dendrite Segments in the Mouse Visual Thalamus, using 3D EM connectomics and modeling. (Lead: Maher)

Synaptic Circuitry in the Taste Thalamus of the Tree Shrew (Lead: Maher).

Synaptic Connectivity of the Taste Afferents in the Tree Shrew Nucleus of the Solitary Tract. 

Experience Dependent Synapse Plasticity

The impact of Early Eye Opening on the Development of Visual Pathways in Ferrets.