Current Projects

Synaptic Circuitry of Koniocellular vs. Magno / Parvo Pathways in the Tree Shrew Visual Thalamus


Characterization of Axon Terminals from Superior Colliculus in the Tree Shrew LGN. (Lead: Francesca Sciaccotta)

Morphological Properties of Magno/Parvo and Koniocellular Retinal Ganglion Cell Axons in the Tree Shrew LGN.  (Lead: Sciaccotta)  



P14 sample

EM Connectomics Studies of the Visual Pathways  


Synaptic Circuitry of Superior Colliculus Horizontal Cells.

Selectivity of Synaptic Inputs in Developing Mouse LGN. (Lead: Sydney Horton)

Selectivity of Synaptic Inputs onto Dendrite Segments in the Mouse Visual Thalamus, using 3D EM connectomics and modeling. Maher,  Briegel, Imtiaz, Fox, Golino, Erisir, 2023Frontiers Neuroanatomy.


Ultrastructural Neuropathology

CA3 Mossy Terminal Damage in Triple Transgenic Mouse Model for Alzheimer's Disease.  (Lead: Hairston)

Progression of Cellular Damage in Basal Forebrain

Ependymal Cell alterations in the 3xTg mice 




Mechanisms of Oxytocin Release in Prairie Vole Brain

Ultrastructural properties of axons releasing oxytocin via humoral or neural release, including a Prairie Vole Brain reference atlas. (Lead: Ramos)