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The Sign-Up Table lists all of the VTSSS 2021 survey stream sites and the county in which they are located. Sites are assigned to the individual TU Chapters in closest proximity, or in regions with non-TU coordinators, by county (Bath and Highland). The Collection Coordinator for each site is identified, as well as the collector status of each site. Sites for which collectors have been identified for the 2021 Survey are listed as "ASSIGNED.

Information about the sampling materials and procedures can be accessed by clicking on the Sample Collection tab. The general location of the stream sampling sites can be determined by clicking on the Site Maps tab. Detailed site location information, including site descriptions, travel directions, maps, and photographs will be provided to sample collectors by the Sample Collection Coordinators.

Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study 2021

Fourth decadal water quality survey of native Brook Trout streams in collaboration with the Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited