Professional Groups

Graduate Student and Post-Doc Association (GSPA)

GSPA is a Biology Dept. specific organization that regularly hosts academic and social events, such as journal clubs and happy hours, respectively. GSPA also serves as venue for communication to department leadership of any graduate student comments or concerns.

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences Council (GSASC)

GSASC funds small research grants, hosts social events, and works with UVA administration to support graduate student success.

Science Policy Initiative (SPI)

SPI exposes STEM graduate students to science policy opportunities by hosting seminar speakers, career panels, and visits to D.C. policy offices.

Ph.D. Plus

Ph.D. Plus is a UVA-led initiative to prepare graduate students for work in all sectors of society, including academia, consulting, policy, government, and more.

Women in Medical Sciences (WIMS)

WIMS encourages women to pursue scientific careers through community outreach, such as science demonstrations at local elementary schools. WIMS also hosts female speakers to discuss their experiences in scientific careers.

Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS)

GBS encompasses the Biology Dept. and Biomedical Sciences (Medical School). GBS hosts social, professional development, and community outreach events.

Graduate Engineering Student Council (GESC)

GESC hosts academic and social events for engineering graduate students at the University throughout the year.

Graduate BioMedical Engineering Society (GBMES)

GBMES is the professional society for the Biomedical Engineering Major, providing academic, professional, service, and social events for its members.

Graduate Society of Women Engineers (GradSWE)

GradSWE is a part of the UVA Society of Women Engineers organization with the aim of helping of female graduate students find a social network, support and guidance to succeed in graduate school and their chosen careers.