2024 Resource Pages

If you've attended our events in the past, you've likely seen our resource pages. Here are the links to their digital copies (with hyperlinks)!

2024 UVA Graduate Student Resources

This is a comprehensive list of student affinity groups, career development & outreach groups, and mental health & wellness resources, complete with contact information and website links (when available). Don't see your group on this list? Reach out to uvagrit@gmail.com to be added!

2024 Charlottesville Housing Resources

Here you'll find a couple of common avenues for finding housing in the Charlottesville area, including major renting agencies, low-income options, and UVA-affiliated housing.

2024 LGBTQ+ Resources

Our LGBTQ+ resource page combines resources both at UVA and around Charlottesville; it features UVA-affiliated groups, community-based organizations, and a list of some of the LGBTQ+-owned businesses and safe spaces around Charlottesville.

2024 Safety & Transportation in Charlottesville Resources

Much of what you need to know about safely navigating UVA Grounds and the greater Charlottesville area (either by car, bike, or on foot can be found on this page!

2024 UVA Parking Resources

Curious about where to park, or how to join the student parking waitlist? Take a look at this UVA Parking Map.

2024 Charlottesville Food Security Resources 

If you're worried about food access in Charlottesville, this resource page can point you in the direction of three food pantries. Two are available to all students and staff!