Current Graduate Students



Peter Johnson                                        

Shunyu Wan


Shunyu Wan


Jiajun Yan


Former Graduate Students


Mariano Echeverria

Mariano Echeverria

Thesis: Naturality of the contact invariant in monopole Floer homology under strong symplectic cobordisms (2019)

Hill Assistant Professor, Rutgers University

Jonathan Simone

Thesis: Cut-and-paste operations and exotic 4-manifolds (2018)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Institute of Technology

Anthony Mak

Anthony Kin Hei Mak

Thesis: Constraints on Ozsváth-Szabó basic classes of Lefschetz fibrations (2017)

Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

Sean Droms

Sean Droms

Thesis: Constructions of Stein fillings (2013)

Associate Professor, Lebanon Valley College