Towards an sl2 action on the annular Khovanov spectrum

Akhmechet R, Krushkal V, Willis M. Towards an sl2 action on the annular Khovanov spectrum. Adv. Math. 408 (2022), Paper No. 108581, 65 pp. 2022.


Given a link in the thickened annulus, its annular Khovanov homology carries an action of the Lie algebra sl2, which is natural with respect to annular link cobordisms. We consider the problem of lifting this action to the stable homotopy refinement of the annular homology. As part of this program, the actions of the standard generators of sl2 are lifted to maps of spectra. In particular, it follows that the sl2 action on homology commutes with the action of the Steenrod algebra. The main new technical ingredients developed in this paper, which may be of independent interest, concern certain types of cancellations in the cube of resolutions and the resulting more intricate structure of the moduli spaces in the framed flow category.

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