Math Circle

Photo courtesy of Molly Angevine / A&S Communications Coordinator


The Math Circle is a program for elementary and middle school students, taking place on UVa grounds.

The Fall 2022 program is for students in grades 4-6, nominated by Charlottesville area schools.

The focus of the Math Circle is on learning mathematics through interactive exploration and solving challenging, non-standard problems. The goal is not to increase proficiency in routine curriculum skills, but rather to expose students to ideas and concepts in Math that encourage them to think creatively and generate interest in mathematics. Students learn topics and practice solving problems in diverse areas of Mathematics, including geometry, combinatorics, logic, and number theory. Meetings involve working in groups, as well as Math games where students work in teams on fun, challenging problems. The meetings in Fall 2022 are led by professors Slava Krushkal and Juraj Foldes, with the assistance of Kristina Cernekova, Dounia Lazreq, Lousa Liles and Andrew Will, all members of the UVa Math deparment.

One of the references used in the 2022 program is: "Mathematical Circle Diaries, Year 1: Complete Curriculum for Grades 5 to 7" by Anna Burago. Published by the American Mathematical Society.


3D Sierpinski gasket
3D Sierpinski gasket model built by students on 11-20-22