Newspapers and Magazines

From 2018-2019, I was a UVA Public Voices Fellow at the Op-Ed Project. As a part of the program I wrote several research-based magazine articles, op-eds, and scholarly blog posts about the history of Haiti, the legacy of slavery in the Americas, and the racial politics of US academe. 

Resurrecting a Lost Palace of Haiti. Harper’s Bazaar. 8 October 2021. 

Haiti isn't Cursed. It is ExploitedEssence Magazine (23 September 2021)

Four Haitian Novels that Beautifully Blend History, Memory, and Reality. The Conversation (26 July 2021)

The Caribbean is the Birthplace of Modern Anti-ColonialismHistory Today (5 May 2021)

Napoleon Isn't a Hero to CelebrateNew York Times (18 March 2021) (Translated into French here and here, into Spanish here and into Turkish and German

Why did Bridgerton Erase Haiti? Avidly, a channel of the Los Angeles Review of Books. (19 January 2021). (Translated into French)

All the Devils are Here: How the visual history of the Haitian Revolution misrepresents Black suffering and deathLapham's Quarterly (14 October 2020)

The King of Haiti's DreamAeon Magazine (14 July 2020)

When France Extorted Haiti--The Greatest Heist in HistoryThe Conversation (30 June 2020) (Translated into SpanishFrench, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, Ukranian, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese)

Tear Down that Statue, Mr. Macron!Hisory New Network (HNN) (14 June 2020)

The statue of Louis XVI should remain forever handless. Mail & Guardian (2 June 2020) (French translation)

The Wrongful Death of Toussaint LouvertureHistory Today (June 2020)

Haiti: Living in a Permanent State of Uncertainty with Kaiama L. Glover. Fifteen Eighty Four (7 May 2020)

Lessons from Haiti on Living and DyingPublic Books (7 April 2020)

Becoming Full Professor While Black*. Chronicle of Higher Education (28 July 2019)

Why the United States Needs More Museums about Slavery and Abolition, Not Another About the Civil War*. Black Perspectives (11 July 2019)

Inside the Kingdom of Hayti, ‘the Wakanda of the Western Hemisphere’*. The Conversation (23 January 2019) (Translated into Spanish and Haitian Creole)

Haiti’s Recent Protests Expose the Lie of Democracy*. The Globe Post (27 February 2019)

Haiti, Definitely Not Canada’s NegroWoy Magazine (9 May 2017) (Translated into Haitian Creole)

Translation for the Purposes of Indictment: Baron de Vastey in Colonial JamaicaBlack Perspectives (18 May 2017)

Genocidal Imaginings in the Era of the Haitian RevolutionAge of Revolutions (25 January 2016)

*Written/Published during Op-Ed Project