Peer-Reviewed Articles

A specialist in Caribbean literature and history, I have published over a dozen articles on the Haitian Revolution and Haitian independence, Latin American and Caribbean sovereignty, and European colonial and Afro-diasporic literatures.



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Translated Texts

Juste Chanlatte,The King's Hunting Party (excerpt of La partie de chasse du roi). The Haiti Reader. Tr. Marlene Daut. Eds. Laurent Dubois, Kaiama Glover, Nadève Ménard, Millery Polyné, and Chantalle Verna. Duke University Press, 2020. 53-57.

Translations of My Work

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“Anti-Conquest and the Development of Postcolonial Inquiry in the Haitian Constitution of 1805.” Expanding the Boundaries of Black Intellectual History. Eds. Brandon Byrd and Leslie Alexander. Chicago: Northwestern UP.