Dr. Corey Borgman

Education and Outreach Director, Montessori Science Program

Dr. Corey Borgman is a Montessori educator, administrator, speaker, researcher, advocate, and consultant with 17 years of experience in the classroom and 12 in administration. She holds a Doctorate in...

The Equity Center
617 W. Main St, 4th Floor
Charlottesville, Va 22903
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Cadence Layne

Research Assistant

Cadence is a 2nd year undergraduate in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Cognitive Science with a concentration in Cognitive Psychology on the pre-med track. She is excited to work as an RA...

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Lee LeBoeuf

Graduate Student

Lee LeBoeuf is a 5th year graduate student from Dayton, Ohio. She received her BA in Psychology from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2017. After graduating, she taught at a public charter elementary...

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M. Nia Seale

Graduate Student

M. Nia Seale is a 1st year graduate student and an AMI Primary Trainer. She received her AMI Primary diploma in 1998 and holds a B.S. in Education Studies.  Nia has worked in private and public...

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Zainab Sohail

Research Assistant

Zainab Sohail is a third-year undergraduate student in the College of Arts and Sciences from Fairfax, Virginia. She is double majoring in Biology and Psychology on the Pre-Medicine track. Zainab has...

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