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We won SESAPS 2023:


Mentor and Career talk

Anna Hall got her Ph.D. in May 2023.  Congratulations to Anna! 

Anna and PG at Graduation


Summer students 1st day - 2023


Graduation 2023:


Darren Congratulations Darren!  

Sydney Roberts Congratulations Sydney! 


Congratulations Lincoln!

We were able to get a photo of some of the group in front of the UVA Physics building in Fall 2022/

Group group



The Director of the DOE Office or Science visited out lab today. We were honored and proud to show Director Berhe our work on the NOvA, Mu2e, and LDMX experiments.

Director of DOE Office or Science Visit...




Me participating at the April 2022 APS meeting in NYC:

me at APS


I did Gamma Ray Spectroscopy with Prof. Mark Riley at FSU in 1999 with this machine.  I'm back at FSU in 2022 to give the colloquium. 




Andrew Sutton received his PhD in 2022 for his work on the NOvA neutrino experiment:

Andrew Sutton - Ph.D. 2022

William Musk - BS Physics 2022 - William worked in our lab off and on for 3 years.  He is off to Graduate School for physics at U. Pitt:

William Musk

Sydney Roberts after her first conference presentation - Outstanding!

Sydney Roberts with Poster

Building a CRV module:

Module 166

Module with the "UVA army":

UVA Army


Prof. Group in his native dress:




Cristiana Principato received her PhD in 2021 for her work on the NOvA neutrino experiment:.  She searched from Dark Matter using upward-going muons.

The Dukes/Group fabrication team - summer 2019


The Dukes/Group fabrication team - summer 2018

The Dukes/Group summer student lunch - summer 2017


The Group/Dukes group at Fermilab - Summer 2015



The Group/Dukes group at UVA - Summer 2015

Hannah, Tanner, and Gage getting ready for battle - summer 2015

Hao Liu getting the Ph.D. 2014