Hoos Focused Group

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Welcome to the Hoos Focused Group!

We are a drop-in group with the goal of supporting students who struggle with concentration, organization, and/or focus. Weekly sessions will consist of both a psychoeducational component, led by advisors from the Student Disability Access Center and UVA's College Life Skills Coach, as well as an open dialogue component. Join us on Friday afternoons at 2pm to learn strategies for success and to connect with other students! 

"Hoos Focused is a great support system for people with ADHD. Mentors provide valuable inputs in figuring out solutions for academic as well as everyday problems. It can also be really relieving and helpful to hear other peers share their struggles and coping mechanisms." - participating graduate student
"Hoos focused has been pivotal in helping me meet important deadlines, like qualifying essays and exams - and even required dissertation goals - in my graduate program. The Hoos Focused community's encouragement and support, not to mention their helpful resources and informative lectures, helped me regain a sense of optimism when I felt hopeless about my prospects of getting crucial work done on time. I can't recommend this group highly enough to anyone who struggles with focus, organization, or maintaining progress with goals!" - participating graduate student

More Information

Many college students express concern about maintaining focus and discipline in their courses. The goal of Hoos Focused is to serve as an educational resource and community setting for students at UVA who share these concerns. If you find yourself experiencing difficulties with any of the following, consider joining us for our weekly sessions. Future topics include:

  • Planning for long-term assignments
  • Organizational support and assignment planning
  • Time management tips
  • Long-term and short-term goal setting 
  • How to maintain attention in class and while studying
  • Understanding an ADHD diagnosis
  • Conducting self-care practices
  • Ways to stay motivated throughout the semester
  • Coping with test anxiety
  • And more!

Hoos Focused is a weekly support group that welcomes any and all interested students. Our group is open to both undergraduate and graduate students from all UVA schools. Consider joining us consistently or just drop in on weeks you are available. Each meeting will begin with a moment of mindfulness, followed by a resource or content for discussion. We will end each week with an open forum discussion where students are able to share and engage with others. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. We look forward to meeting you!

More questions about Hoos Focused - see our FAQs here!