Hoos Focused FAQs

When and where are meetings for Hoos Focused held?

Fall 2022 meetings are held each Friday at 2pm in Clemons 202.

Do I need to be an undergraduate student at UVA to attend Hoos Focused?

No, Hoos Focused is open to both undergraduate and graduate students at UVA.

Do I have to pay for Hoos Focused? 

No, there is no cost associated with Hoos Focused.

Do I need to register for Hoos Focused?

No, registration is not required to attend any Hoos Focused meetings. We are an open, no-commitment group. Feel free to attend whenever is convenient for you. We encourage students to attend as frequently as they can and to bring a friend with them!

Can you provide me with academic accommodations for my classes?

No, we cannot provide you with academic accommodations. If you would like to discuss academic accommodations, please contact the Student Disability Access Center