What can I expect from a meeting?
You can expect your first meeting with me to last about an hour. I set aside that time so that we can get to know each other and I can hear your story. From that conversation, we will have an idea of topics you might want to delve further into and perhaps even some new ideas for strategies to try. I will help you create your own action steps toward change. Follow-up appointments are up to you, and unique to each student, but usually students appreciate the opportunity to check-in again. 

What topics can I discuss?
I am here to support you in your personal, academic, and professional goals. Examples of topics we could talk about include: time management, study strategies, test-taking strategies, goal setting, major exploration, resources, motivation, social skills, project management, career and life after graduation. Because I'm not an expert in everything, I will also make referrals to other helpful resources on grounds.

How often will we meet?
Each student is unique and brings a unique set of strengths and difficulties. Together, we will agree on a plan that will help you progress toward your goals and offer you the support that you need. 

Will what I share in a meeting be reported to someone else, like my instructor or Association Dean?
Usually, what you share with me will stay with me. There are some exceptions to this:
- If I am concerned about your safety or well-being, I will likely refer you to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and the Office of the Dean of Students (ODOS) for support and you may receive follow up from ODOS and/or your Association Dean. This is to ensure that you are supported in the best ways possible here at UVA. 
- After each meeting with a student, I post a brief note in the system that Association Deans use. For ex. "Student met with Christy Rotman on 6/20/19 to discuss time management"  These notes are intended as a simple record of contact. 
- If you share something that might be related to sexual and gender-based harrassment and/or interpersonal violence, I am required to report it to the Title IX Office here at UVA because I am considered a Responsible Employee. Find more information here
- I am also required by Virginia law to report suspected instances of child abuse and neglect. Find more information here