3D-Printed Carbon Microelectrodes

In collaboration with the Oak Ridge National Lab, we are applying direct laser writing with Nanoscribe to 3D-print carbon microelectrodes. The photoresist is printed and pyrolyzed to produce free-standing electrodes of different shapes on the narrow tip of metal wires. During the pyrolysis, the 3D-printed polymer structures were decomposed through heating, causing carbonization and shrinkage while keeping the original geometry. We use this novel carbon electrode fabrication technique to rationally design sensors with customizable geometries, electroactive carbon surfaces, free-standing structures and high reproducibility for batch production.



Representative Publication

Yang, C.*; Cao, Q.*; Puthongkham, P.; Lee, S. T.; Ganesana, M.; Lavrik, N. V.; Venton, B. J. 3D‐Printed Carbon Electrodes for Neurotransmitter DetectionAngew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 14255-14259.