Caroline Bush

Graduate Student
Caroline is a second year student in the lab and she is starting a research project on genetic variation in clonal plant populations.

Jeff Dudycha PhD

Professor at University of South Carolina
Jeff was a postdoc in the lab and took major responsibility for doing the crosses and planting the first cohorts of our large experimental population of nearly... Read more about Jeff Dudycha PhD

Erin Fegley Smith

Erin did her MA work onlife history trade-offs and patterns of senescence.

Brandie Quarles

PhD student at Duke University
Brandie was an undergraduate in the lab for three years and she did a Distinguished Majors Project that was published in Journal of Ecology.  She is... Read more about Brandie Quarles

Danielle Racke MA

Danielle completed her MA in the lab on a project on population variation in inbreeding in Mimulus ringens.