Lab Members

Melissa  Aikens PhD

Melissa Aikens PhD

Assistant Professor at University of New Hampshire

Melissa did her dissertation on the population dynamics across the range of the Southern Appalachian endemic plant, Prenanthes roanensis.  She is currently an Assistant Professor of Biological...

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Carolyn  Beans PhD

Carolyn Beans PhD

Science Journalist

Carolyn was a graduate student in the lab and her dissertation focused on competition-driven selection on a native plant following a species invasion.  She is now a science writer specializing in...

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Caroline Bush

Caroline Bush

Graduate Student

Caroline is a second year student in the lab and she is starting a research project on genetic variation in clonal plant populations.

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Jeff Dudycha PhD

Jeff Dudycha PhD

Professor at University of South Carolina

Jeff was a postdoc in the lab and took major responsibility for doing the crosses and planting the first cohorts of our large experimental population of nearly 30,000 individuals of Plantago.  He is ...

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Kelsie Hunnicutt

Kelsie Hunnicutt

PhD student at University of Denver

Kelsie was an undergraduate in the lab and she did her Distinguished Majors Project on the correlation between variation in early-life traits and the rate of inbreeding in Mimulus ringens.  She is...

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Sarah Kim PhD

Sarah Kim PhD

Sarah was an undergraduate in the lab and she did a Distinguished Major's project on physiological aging in Plantago.  She then went to Rice University to do her PhD in Computer Science.

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Erika  Mudrak PhD

Erika Mudrak PhD

Statistical Consultant

Erika was a technician in the lab, she then went to graduate school and is now a Statistical Consultant in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University

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Elizabeth  Ostrowski PhD

Elizabeth Ostrowski PhD

Senior Lecturer at Massey University, New Zealand

Elizabeth was a technician in the lab before she went to Michigan State to do her PhD with Richard Lenski.  She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the School of natural and Computational Sciences at...

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