Hi, my name is Melle Scholten, and you've found yourself on my webpage from the University of Virginia. Here you'll find a list of previously taught classes, an overview of my research, and more! 

I joined the University of Virginia as a graduate student in 2020. In 2023 I was awarded the Allison J. Melloy Award for excellence in teaching by the Department of Politics of the University of Virginia. In Fall 2023, I joined Mary Baldwin University in Staunton as Adjunct Faculty. You can find my full CV by navigating the menu above.

My work has appeared in World Politics and European Policy Review. My research interests include the political economy of migration and remittances, as well as international and comparative political economy conceived more broadly, using the tools of experimental and observational causal inference. My teaching experience covers a wide range of courses covering political science, history, economics, methods, and statistics. A full list of courses taught can be found via the menu.