Upcoming Events

Rutgers Mathematics Colloquium

George Mason Mathematics Colloquium

Kliakhandler Lectures, Michigan Tech

Dalrymple Lecture Series, U. Mississippi

Who wants to be a mathematician, Boston

Modularity of Quantum Systems, KITP

Jubilee Professor of the Indian Academy of Sciences

UVA Math Club Talk

NYU Courant Mathematics Colloquium

Nueva School Show, San Mateo

AMS Fall Sectional Meeting

MAA Sectional Meeting

Joint Mathematics Meetings, Washington, DC. (including Special Session in Memory of Dick Askey)

International Web Conference on Mathematics

"q-series, quantum modular forms and representation theory", Lecture #1

"q-series, quantum modular forms and representation theory", Lecture #2

St. Petersburg State University, Number Theory Seminar (Virtual)

National Mathematics Festival

Virginia Commonwealth University, Lectures

Ramanujan Mathematical Society Meeting

Modular forms, National Centre for Mathematics

International Conference on Special Functions and & Applications

Public Lecture, Ahmedabad University

AAAS National Meeting

Phi Beta Kappa Lectures

Number Theory in Honor of R. Balasubramanian's 70th Birthday

Indian National Science Day

AMS Council Meeting

Indian Science Festival

Ramanujan 101

UVA Research Awards: Keynote Address

Phi Beta Kappa Lectures

Cologne Number Theory Seminar

Mathematics Colloquium

Phi Beta Kappa Lectures

Discover Science Lecture Series