Welcome to the Early Social Development Lab!


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We are running studies both IN PERSON and ONLINE! Check our “Parents” page to learn more about our studies.
We are a part of the Child Development Labs in the UVA Psychology Department.

Here at the Early Social Development Lab at UVA, we are primarily interested in the social, emotional, and moral development of children. In particular, we study the development of moral emotions (such as sympathy, guilt, and gratitude), moral judgments, and prosocial behavior. We also study how children understand others’ internal states, such as their emotions and desires.

Our studies usually involve children between the ages of 3 and 8 and we are always seeking to recruit families interested in participating! Studies typically involve a one-time lab visit lasting about 30 minutes, or a one-time video call for our online studies.

Our lab is located in Gilmer Hall, on grounds at the University of Virginia.

Interested parents, we invite you to learn more about our current studies and consider registering your family to participate.

Interested students, please learn more about our research and consider applying for opportunities in the lab.