Just some links for a rainy Tuesday

July 26, 2022

Nothing too exciting:


A sober assessment, by a progressive, of the deeply un-sober course the conservative movement in the United States is likely to take in coming years.


A really nice piece on the history, theory, and some suggestions for best practices, of the paragraph


Great piece on the poems that a reporter brings to war with her.  And, in the spirit of sharing, here is one of my favorite poems about suffering and violence, by a pacifist.


Oh this, by B.D. McClay, is very good: “if you want to go on winning without becoming an asshole, you need some way to always identify something bigger than you are, something holding you back. The sore winner wants acclaim, but not responsibility; respect without disagreement; wealth without scrutiny; power without anyone noticing it’s there. It’s a delicate line to walk, but not impossible.”


A small piece on Marshall Hodgson, an historian who died very young, but left behind a visionary work that, when published a few years after his death, became an immediate classic—The Venture of Islam.  In fact there’s a lot more to know about him, and his ambitions.  I hope one day we all know much more about him.


Be well, everybody. Stay dry.