July 25, 2022

Sometimes my posts provoke more feedback than other times.  Those are typically the bad posts.  Some other times, no one notices them at all.  That seems to be the case with the demographics piece I...

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Post: Bullshit today

July 20, 2022

I have long appreciated George Orwell’s little essay “Politics and the English language,” though I am not a fanatic about it, as some, I think mistakenly, are. What I admire about the piece is what I...

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TGIF Links

July 15, 2022

Friday morning links for you all.  A good start to the weekend.


Nice interview with Michael Lewis, one of my favorite non-fiction writers today, and also the author of an exceptional podcast I...

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Thursday links

July 14, 2022

Maybe I'll go a whole work week with a post every day!  (This should make you ask: what am I avoiding doing? Answer: many things.)


I like this, a nice nuanced discussion of the complications in...

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Midweek stuff

July 13, 2022

Just a few!


Really fine piece on jokes, the nature of online intimacy, and Twitter.  “The mechanism for context-shredding is built directly into Twitter. It’s the retweets.”  Worth reading for...

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