TGIF Links

July 15, 2022

Friday morning links for you all.  A good start to the weekend.


Nice interview with Michael Lewis, one of my favorite non-fiction writers today, and also the author of an exceptional podcast I...

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Thursday links

July 14, 2022

Maybe I'll go a whole work week with a post every day!  (This should make you ask: what am I avoiding doing? Answer: many things.)


I like this, a nice nuanced discussion of the complications in...

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Midweek stuff

July 13, 2022

Just a few!


Really fine piece on jokes, the nature of online intimacy, and Twitter.  “The mechanism for context-shredding is built directly into Twitter. It’s the retweets.”  Worth reading for...

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More links

July 07, 2022

Two days in a row...that's pretty good.


Great piece about the making of the movie All the President’s Men, on the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in.  Such a great movie; just showed it to...

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Again back again!

July 06, 2022

Upon reflection, my previous post's title seems a bit premature. ;)

It turns out my June was just about as busy as my May had been--a mix of personal & professional things.  My apologies, I had...

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Back again!

June 05, 2022

Sorry for this long hiatus--I had thought I would be back up to regular posting a couple weeks ago.  But then bourgeois life intervened; our house (the physical house not the metaphorical one) had a...

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