Pre-election links

November 02, 2020

Hey all, just some distracting links at the top, and a couple political links at the bottom.  No big brain ideas.  


It's an important night.  A lot is at stake tomorrow, and in coming days.  I pray that we are shown mercy.  These are scary times.  But, as ever, we are the times.  All we can do is respond as best we can.


For now, some links:


I think...

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Intellectual life under Trump

October 29, 2020

Michelle Goldberg has a good column about this today.  Trump has indeed occupied too much of our minds.  

Some of that has been very much to the good--a renewed awareness (and use of the category) of white supremacy, a deeper awareness of the complexities and often savagery of American history, the recognition that a significant proportion of the population--say, 40%...

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Some links

October 26, 2020

Bet you missed them!  Well, here you go.


John Cavadini, one of the best scholars of Augustine writing today, on Rowan Williams, one of the most Augustinian theologians writing today. ...

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Quick little post: politics and demographics

October 24, 2020

This piece just came out, about demographic challenges to the GOP in a post-Boomer America, and it's got me thinking: it's not just about demographics, it's about living after the Cold War, and the slowly unfolding effects of that victory.


The GOP has never gotten over their victory...

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Links R Us

October 19, 2020
Just some stuff. Burt Bacharach is amazing, and it’s good to hear he’s doing ok during this whole...
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